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Our services include a comprehensive consultation to help identify gaps and  opportunities. One-on-one coaching and group coaching sessions are available. 

Those whom we have helped come from all different walks of life: from business owners to front-line employees, entrepreneurs to stay-at-home parents, managers, directors, vice presidents, the C-suite, and every type of position in between.  Whether you are looking for help with your business or organization, or if you simply want to move in a new direction and better yourself, we can help.

Mission statement – 

Helping others achieve more by focusing on: identifying goals, determining action steps, motivating, inspiring, guiding and challenging you to be your very best.

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from business owners

Mickey had come into my life at the exact moment she was determined. She is a wonderful coach and friend worth every moment and resource. Mickey is a brilliant woman and has the experience to back it up. Her diligence to studying her coaching students is unparalleled, and her ability to ask questions and help you problem solve can bring light and awareness to difficult areas in need. Soft spoken, yet very assured, Mickey has incredible insight, and knowledge, crucial to the development and self-discovery of the person called to the marketplace through small business. Everyone needs a coach; everyone needs Mickey. 

Ryan Egan 



from direct reports